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ARTEFLAME Combines Art with Outdoor Cooking!

Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio welcomes Arteflame to our menu of all things outdoor living. This inovative and beautiful grill elevates outdoor cooking to an art form by combining a sleek contemporary look with outstanding functionality. Arteflame is the most unique of any outdoor grill available today. This is the only grill on the market today that can replace that unsightly, traditional backyard grill with a functional piece of art. The Arteflame is a pleasure to look at and can be displayed as a center piece of any outdoor space in addition to its grilling capabilities it can also double as a Fire Bowl on those days when there is a chill in the air. Watch this video to learn more:

The Arteflame is a Virtually Maintenance- Free Outdoor Grill!

The Arteflame cooktop is solid steel. There are no grates so it is virtually maintenance free. The flat cooktop is also easy to clean. All residue can simply be scraped into the fire. Cooking oil is all the cook top needs to be ready for grilling. Some of the oil is absorbed into the cook top with each use. This turns the cooktop a deep color black and improves it with each use. The Arteflame’s all steel construction will provide years of virtually maintenance free enjoyment. Special steel is used so that The Arteflame develops a natural, attractive patina. The patina will develop differently on each Arteflame making each one unique. The Arteflame does not need to be covered. It can be left outside year round. Its artful design will be the center of attention in any outdoor setting.

The fire is built in the center of the Arteflame. The cook top then heats up from the center out. This results in a higher cooking temperature closer in than on the outside edge. Food can thus be cooked at various temperatures all at the same time. Steaks can be seared at the center where there is maximum heat. Vegetables cook nice and slow on the outer edge of the cook top. The Arteflame solves the issue of unpredictable cooking temperatures associated with a conventional outdoor grill. No more burning, scorching, flame-ups or dried out food. As the cook top of the Arteflame is solid steel, there are no grungy grates either.

Arteflame as a Fire Bowl

The Arteflame can be used as just a Fire Bowl as well. The Arteflame holds a good amount of wood that results in a comfortable radiation of heat in all directions. On colder days, the Arteflame will quickly become the focal point of the party keeping everyone warm and cozy up to 6 feet away. We designed the low base specifically for this purpose. The low base puts The Arteflame at coffee table height.

  • The Arteflame comes in three different heights; 40″, 30″ or 18″ which puts the cooking surface at different heights. If you plan on using the Arteflame sitting down, the low base facilitates this. The low base puts the Arteflame at coffee table height.

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